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Saul Niguez is a warrior afforded no rest

BeitragVerfasst: 27.10.2017 10:54
von Bongngarthom

This season, there has been no rest for Saul SBOBET Niguez.He has played in every game from start to finish, across both LaLiga and the Champions League.Then on Wednesday night he was given some rest in the Copa del Rey match against Elche, although he did appear for the final half hour when replacing Thomas Partey.The game against Elche gave him an opportunity to return to a club which he still has a SBOBET great affinity for by featuring in some form.Saul arrived for the game having already registered 990 minutes this season and, in addition to being given a chance against the club who honoured him with a presentation before kick-off, he was also needed by Diego Someone due to Atletico's sluggish performance. SBOBET