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Barcelona in the Premier League would be 'difficult', says A

BeitragVerfasst: 03.10.2017 15:48
von lensmall002

Arsene Wenger says it would beSBOBET "difficult" for everybody if Barcelona were to join the Premier League should they leave La Liga.

Club president Josep Maria Bartomeu said on Monday that Barca could leave La Liga if Catalonia gains independence from Spain.

Barca are currently taking part in the region's generalSBOBET strike, following a vote by its public to become independent that produced a 90% result in favour.

After his side beat Brighton on Sunday, Wenger joked he would "try to learn Catalan" but said: "If Barcelona want to join the Premier League, it makes things even more difficult for everybody.

"I don't think they have gotten as far SBOBETas that. It is interesting and there will be incidents on the sporting side as Barcelona are a highly political club. I think it will be interesting to see how they respond in the championship.

"We have enough clubs here with 20 but if you want to go up to 24, we have to invite the Scottish clubs before we go for the Spanish."